Another fun day rounds up at 10PM. Andrew Sullivan thugged out, everyone douche'd out, Julia Allison art'd out, Bernie Madoff sold out (literally), and everyone on Twitter is dead. Including, now, me. Great. Here's your open thread: SNL and stuff!

Tonight, on Saturday Night Live, January Jones. Why do they have an actress from a show on that already got canceled had their season finale? Bad timing, no? Anyway, didn't her character get eaten by a dinosaur or some shit? If they bring her back, they're gonna have to work really hard to write around that one.

Umm, what else? Did you know the New York Times has a mag cover tomorrow about Megan Fox's boobs? I don't actually know if its about Megan Fox's boobs or not, but between the story about "douche" and Megan Fox getting a Sunday Times Magazine cover, one might begin to think that they're getting overrun by 14 year-olds. Clark Hoyt, now is the time to strike: with any luck, you will Miyagi crane-kick both of these pieces in the face next week. PA-POW!

Altarcations comin' at you at 2:30 PM tomorrow. I had dinner with Miss Nefler last night, and we were talking about her ideal engagement scenarios. One of them involved the Harvard-Yale game and a rack of Milwaukee's Best, and the other, I can't say, unless you know Tito. Do you know Tito? He's got the, yeah, yup. That one. So you know what I'm talking about. Yeah, right? A party-sized one. Exactly. Anyway. If you don't, and you're lucky enough to get her to tell you, you'll realize why she's the Best Weddings Expert Evar. Don't forget it.

Oh! One more thing. Maybe you might've seen that I got to publish something ridiculous yesterday. I pitched the post to this here site and they didn't pick it up probably because it sucks but mostly because I didn't bullet-point it for them or whatever. I could easily give a meta-meta take, but someone who pays me's head would most definitely (reasonably) explode, so, no. But: celebrity culture should be talked about honestly. And the truth of the matter—no matter how patently ridiculous a subject—just shouldn't be a victim to a vain PR agenda. Ever. Also, at least I didn't call anyone a "douche."

To take you out: Donnis! He's a rapper and he makes awesome songs and I discovered him and he falls into the #ThingsWeActuallyLike category, so here, download his record for free, and enjoy. Underdogs! Who can't like 'em, right? See you tomorrow! Come play in the comments.