A Bush-Cheney operative let loose a zinger about orgies and abortion; Kurt Andersen finally watched The Wire; and Neel Shah was discovered something unusual in Oprah's hold music. The Twitterati found some low-hanging fruit.

Writer and radio host Kurt Andersen has, at long last, discovered The Wire, approximately 40 years after everyone else. Luckily his job does not involve being abreast of media or culture, or this would be embarrassing.

Michael Turk, "eCampaign Director" for Bush-Cheney 04, made an abortion joke. Quick, someone make an equally funny comeback involving Congressional pages!

Oprah taught Page Six's Neel Shah the definition of real media power: when you can get the Black Eyed Peas to cut a custom version of their song for your phone-hold music.

In addition to having to cope with looming holiday layoffs, Electronic Arts staffers have been asked to please keep Veronica Belmont physically awake at all times.

You heard Engadget's Joshua Topolsky right, ladies: His cable BRINGS IT. Get freaky with the coaxial!

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