Imprisoned journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee were freed from North Korea's clutches in August. One week later, Ling—the more telegenic one, with the famous sister—was shopping a book. But Euna Lee beat her to a book deal!

And whereas Laura Ling's book proposal sounds like, excuse us, some craptastic "Sisters are so wonderful" Barnes & Noble checkout line gift special pegged to the fact that her sister works for Oprah, Euna Lee's book will actually focus on her insane (but heartwarming) North Korean imprisonment. Which was big news, you may recall!

Keith Kelly says Lee got "a six-figure deal to write her memoir of the imprisonment, tentatively entitled, 'The World Is Bigger Now: A Memoir of Faith, Family and Freedom,'" while the Lings are still "shopping" theirs. Burn notice! The lesson here is, if you ever find yourself caught up in a dramatic case of international crime/ kidnapping, write your book about that rather than trying to use it as a peg for your thoughts on The Meaning of Love, because you are not as interesting as your circumstances, no matter what Oprah says.
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