Tonight's Project Runway finale has the least shocking twist ever: the designers have to make another look. We never saw this coming! Like everything else, the finale is just a retread of better days. But we still have hope!

If Althea, Carol Hannah, or Irina have ever seen a season of Runway before, they should know that the producers always pull something like this. If the twist is just that they have to make one more outfit, they should be more than ready for such a curveball. We would like to hope that they have to construct the whole thing out of dried cactus flowers, construction paper, and the gray hair from Tim Gunn's brush and it has to be inspired by the Anime classic Akira, but that would be way too inventive for this year. They'll probably just get more money to go spend at the fabric store and make whatever the hell they want.

Considering this season finale was filmed in 753 B.C. right after the founding of the city of Rome (or last February, which is about as long ago in fashion terms), it's amazing that it made it to light in the first place. We have seen the lackluster final collections and we even accurately predicted two out of the three finalists (Logan? What were we thinking?!). And, yes, we kind of care who wins this thing—mostly so that we can forever forget about this crappy season and move on to better things.

So, here is everything we know about the three finalists, and who we're picking to win. Let's see if we can get this right as well.

Althea Harper
Her Signature Look: Combining strips of fabrics in interesting patterns, detailed work, ill-fitting tops.
Why She Deserves to Win: She has been consistently good throughout the season and her downfall is usually that she gets too ambitious. That sucks when she has a day to make a design, but will be good when she's had months to work.
Why She Should Lose: If she is sloppy, her ambition might still work against her. Also, she plays it a little too safe. Many of her designs look the same, and not in a good way.
Is She the Winner?: No

Carol Hannah Whitfield
Her Signature Look: Dresses. Lots of dresses. Short dresses, flowy dresses, intricate dresses. But, yes, dresses.
Why She Deserves to Win: Another strong contender all season and probably the best of the three at construction.
Why She Should Lose: There's no variety at all. Also, she doesn't seem to have a clarity of vision.
Is She the Winner?: No

Irina Shabayeva
Her Signature Look: Big collars, fur, embellishments, basically anything that would make the 20-year-old girlfriend of a Russian oligarch drool.
Why She Deserves to Win: Cause she is the bitchiest and the only exciting person on this season. Also, she has a clear perspective on fashion. It's always nice and interesting, and while not groundbreaking, it is at least a point of view.
Why She Should Lose: Her taste level is sometimes a little low and her looks are sometimes not as finished as they should be.
Is She the Winner?: Yes. We put our money on Irina, even though any of the three of them could win. As designers we feel like they're on even footing, but we have a feeling her collection will be the most cutting-edge, which always takes the prize.