Let the record show that last night the Manhattan media crowd descended on The Box to see a youth from Wasilla receive a silver dildo for showing his penis. Photographs by the wonderful Nikola Tamindzic and Hee Jin Kang.

Levi, in the spotlight, where he is most comfortable.

Remember, Levi, perspective can make anything look huge.

Burlesque legend Dirty Martini (right) wants to be the next lady to have an affair with Jude Law (center) who attended with his wingman.

The Baroness, Dante Posh, Darenzia, and a lucky lady hold court before the awards start.

A close-up of the magical 11-inch Fleshbot Award dildo trophy made by njoy.

Even show producer Lucy Sexton's T-shirt got into the sexy spirit.

Joanna Angel, Jessie Lee, and Wendy Crawford watch the show with a very happy gentleman.

Joey Arias tells jokes before giving a lifetime achievement award to stylist Patricia Field.

Porn power couple Lorelei and Jiz Lee.

Ben Neighbor's cradles another man's sex toy after accepting the award for "Sexiest Artist" on behalf of Paul Pope.

Jonathan Ames gives us fisherman realness.

Yeah, we'd look too.

Patricia Field arrives to get her dildo trophy.

Senorita es bonita. Who's that girl?

Daniel Nardicio makes out with his boyfriend, Chris.

It looks like someone took a picture of the sexy, frenetic aura of the evening.

Ceremony co-hosts John Cameron Mitchell and Justin Bond.

Who wore it better?

MTV's Tony Disanto.

Patricia Field was really working that fox.

Comedian Patrice O'Neal (left) was not laughing last night.

Tony Disanto, Michael Hirschorn, and Jacob Weisberg keep a booth warm.

Lloyd Grove and Summer Rej were suitably amused.

Thanks for the party, Nick Denton (right). We wonder if the Post's Justin Rocket Silverman needs a nap like we do this afternoon.

Porn star and "lion of Chelsea" Michael Lucas made himself at home.

Chrises Wilson and Tennant battle it out for naming rights.

Jacob Weisberg wanted to move to Prozac Nation with Elizabeth Wurtzel.

Sessa Johnson wasn't snubbing her husband Richard like some Alaskans. Tinsley was laughing. We're not sure why. Maybe someone made a Levi's Johnston joke. Never heard that one...

Jane Boon has a secret for husband and Time Inc. EIC Norm Pearlstine. We bet it has to do with porn.

Molly Friedman told Neel Shah she'd try to get a Levi Johnston quote for Page Six.

Tinsley takes partying very seriously. Just ask Sessa Johnson.

John Cameron Mitchell watches too much gay porn.