In your misogynist Thursday media column: a college man uses journalism to ensure every woman on campus hates him, the Hartford Courant is counterproductive, Stephen A. Smith is BACK, and Katie Couric makes a listicle.

Fairfield University has charged its own student paper with "harassment" and is threatening to pull its funding, all because of a remarkably stupid column about the "walk of shame" that the paper published from some still-drunk tool (pictured). Allow us to quote from it extensively!

There is nothing worse than the awkward wake up next to a girl, who is not as hot as you thought she was when you were 12 deep the night before.

Chris Surette, you cad! Tell us more.

Second, even though you might feel like the man for doing it, make sure you don't raw dog it...
Trust me, you don't want that hood rat giving you a venereal disease. Not because half are not curable, but the next time you try to bang and that little cutie sees that rash around your genitals, she's going to be running for the fences.

We're fairly confident that the fact that Chris Surette will not get laid for the remainder of his time at Fairfield University and, probably, well into his post-college life is punishment enough for his journalistic transgressions.

The Hartford Courant is now making its employees pay for home delivery of the paper. This will have the twin benefits of raising close to $63 in revenue for the beleaguered publication, and ensuring that reporters don't read their own work.

Declarative, worthless sports columnist STEPHEN A. SMITH twits that he's returning to the Philadelphia Inquirer as a sports columnist. An uninsightful, self-absorbed, phone-it-in, overpaid sports columnist at a financially crippled newspaper. Congratulations, Philly.

The world waits and wonders: Who would Katie Couric pick as the "Seven most powerful people in media?" Find out by clicking on this link right here! None of them are supercool, though. Fair warning.