Yesterday, fancy media types got together at the New York Times building to remember recently deceased columnist William Safire. The small talk, naturally, centered on the expensive schools where fancy media types send their kids.

The (enemy) WSJ's Katherine Rosman overheard this exchange:

And there was the inevitable shop talk: As Times executive editor Bill Keller slid into a row of seats, an acquaintance asked, "So, are you parent of the year now at Dalton?"-a question that presumably referenced a story that ran on the front page that day about an incident at the student newspaper at the Dalton School. "I'm not sure how they feel about me," he responded and then took his seat.

That, of course, was the story this week about Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy making Dalton's school newspaper run its copy by him before it published. How outraged must the Dalton mafiosi be that the lowly New York Times dared to publicize the secret inner workings of their school paper! Remember:

Editors at The Daltonian either would not comment for this article or did not respond to requests for an interview, although a staff member provided a draft of The Daltonian's article.

The high school editors of The Daltonian can hardly be expected to make time for the sleazy tabloid lurking of the New York Times! Kudos to Bill Keller for having the courage to stand up to the Dalton Mob, putting his own family at risk for the sake of journalistic ethics. Your fancy Manhattan Media daily topic of discussion, ladies and gents.