When the new ABC sci-fi series "V" premiered last Monday, everyone wondered if its titular Visitors were an allegorical critique of the Obama administration. Tonight's episode proved without a doubt that the creators of "V" hate Barack Obama.

On November 4th, conservative talkdude Sean Hannity said:

A new ABC drama seems to be taking aim at Obama-mania. That's right, you heard me right. The show is called V, and it focuses on a telegenic leader who arrives from outer space offering a message of hope and compromise and promising, you guessed it, universal health care. Sound familiar? Oh, and the media? They love this new leader.

(Our own Brian Moylan weighed in as well/)

Executive producer Scott Peters denied any allegorical bent to the series. But tonight's episode shows that, indeed, V is a thinly-disguised polemic against the Obama administration that may as well have been bankrolled by Fox News. Here are four clips that prove it:

In this scene, Chad Decker—a journalist who's in bed with the alien Visitors—reports on the U.S. deciding to granting the aliens visas; he then receives a call from the alien leader, Anna, thanking him for his help.
Click to viewTalk about riding into anti-Obamaville on a horse made of allegories! Where to even start with this thing!? First of all: visas = immigration. The media is covering immigration in the show, just like they do in America. So, easy parallel: Media in the show = Media in real life. The aliens in this clip stand for Chinese people. Or maybe Russians. (But not Canadians or Mexicans, since they don't need visas to enter the U.S..)

And it's already been established that the alien leader Anna = Obama.

ALLEGORICAL ANTI-OBAMA POINT: Obama controls the media and is secretly Chinese or Russian.

In this scene, the aliens torture a human prisoner with a pile of snakes to try to get valuable information from him:
Click to viewThis one is a little trickier. Obviously, it's an allegorical commentary about torture: The aliens—who are, like, the most allegorical things ever—are torturing someone. But wait: Isn't Obama very vocally against torture in real life? Yes! So Obama is not represented by the aliens in this scene. Obama = the pile of snakes the aliens use to torture the human. (The human = America, because a lot of humans live in America.)

ALLEGORICAL ANTI-OBAMA POINT: Obama is a snake. Watch out, America!

In this scene, Erica Evans, an FBI agent, asks Father Jack, for help in finding her partner:
Click to view

So obvious: Priest + FBI agent = Separation of Church and State!

ALLEGORICAL ANTI-OBAMA POINT: Separation of Church and State—which Obama strongly supports—is good up to a point, but sometimes they should be allowed to mix.

Here, the alien leader speaks to different countries in their languages the hopes of convincing them to welcome them (the aliens)
Click to viewExtremely obvious parallel here: Obama speaks Spanish—just like the aliens. ("Si se puede," anyone?)

ALLEGORICAL ANTI-OBAMA POINT: Obama can speak Japanese as well as he can speak Spanish—he just chooses not to. (Suspicious.)

There you have it: Allegory solved.