Joel Madden walked out on a radio interview; Alexis Ohanian enjoyed some robot bartending and Bucky Turco did something we'd rather not think about with one of our interns. The Twitterati were especially excitable.

Next time, Bucky Turco of Animal New York will just live-tweet the entire makeout session.

Tech investor Paul Kedrosky did not entirely enjoy his flight, but he certainly enjoyed it more than some.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the air travel scene still managed to provoke childlike wonder in Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian. One assumes his former Wired office colleague @beerrobot will take the insult in stride.

Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden is not your clown, Australian morning radio DJs. Maybe Sony BMG's clown, but not yours.

Potty-mouthed tennis star Serena Williams may need to shove some fucking pills down her fucking throat.

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