We mentioned last week that Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13 people at Fort Hood, received a concealed weapon permit in 1996 when he was living in Vinton, Va. Here are the highlights from his Roanoke County Circuit Court application.

Before 1995, according to the Roanoke County Circuit Court clerk's office, Virginia law required a psychiatric evaluation and documented explanation for why a resident needed to carry a concealed handgun. But by the time Hasan applied in October 1995, all that was required was a criminal background check and certification of a gun safety course. For some reason proof of having completed individual infantry training in the U.S. Army (next slide) was not enough for the Commonwealth of Virginia when it came to gun safety and Hasan had to take an NRA course as well. Above is the certificate of completion of an NRA "Personal Protection Course" that Hasan filed with the court. (You can read the entire application here.)

Here is his certificate of infantry training, submitted with the application. It was completed in 1988, when Hasan was 18 years old, which serves as definitive proof that he signed up with the army immediately after graduating from high school. His family has confirmed that timeline to reporters, but Virginia Tech, where he attended college, has said it has no record of Hasan participating in the school's ROTC program, leading some to believe he signed up after college.

Here is Hasan's fingerprint card. According to the application, he passed a criminal background check conducted by the Vinton Police Department.

A photocopy of Hasan's Virginia driver license. Note the address.