Dancing With the Stars goes from camp to pure insanity when Donny Osmond, dressed as Jacko and wearing lipstick, dances the paso doble with Cyndi Lauper within the flashing interior of a Simon Says toy while LaToya Jackson looks on.

The music was Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Around (Like a Record)." Donny wears mutton chops and fuchsia lipstick all over his face and a pair of high-waisted track pants with racing stripes made of yellow reflective tape. He falls onto his knees and brandishes a shiny silver cape before a wind machine that (do my eyes deceive me?) doubles as a fog machine. And then, out of nowhere, LaToya Jackson (or is that Rebbie?) appears! She is clapping. Donny earns 8's for his performance. The beautiful apparition disappears; commercials roll; was it all a dream?