Healthcare reform moved closer over the weekend. Unbelievably it's taken decades to get to this point. Here are ten other policies that are equally sensible but would take similar efforts to pass because people are stupid.

  • Ban all guns, except rifles and shotguns.
  • Enforce the separation of church and state.
  • Which would lead to the legalization of gay marriage, and also probably abortion.
  • Publicly finance all politics.
  • Ban advertising by pharmaceutical companies. (Partly so the song 'viva Viagra' no longer gets stuck in my head, causing much embarrassment when I walk around singing it.)
  • Government subsidised journalism. (Anyone who doesn't agree should stop reading anything that originated with, or is on, the BBC.)
  • Significant government support for the arts.
  • Strip Sheriff Joe Arpaio of all powers. Immediately. (As the beginning of prison reform.)
  • Legalise illegal immigrants.
  • Legalise drugs. (The Economist has the best argument for this here, if you subscribe. That you can read at this odd site here if you don't.)

Further suggestions welcomed, for when I become a benevolent dictator.