You may have heard about how Toyota is recalling 3.8 million of its cars because they have the tendency to accelerate by themselves. Now the LA Times is soliciting Toyota horror stories which may make you never drive again.

Here are a few of the most terrifying responses to the terrifying question asked by the LA Times: "Have you experienced sudden acceleration in a Toyota?":

3/30/2006 My Solara completely lost control while trying to brake.I did 2 complete 360s, hit a concrete wall and landed in a mud ditch.$10,000 dollars worth of damage and 3 weeks later the only thing Toyota told me that it was driver error. This car had a mind of it's own. -Janet Cobb

I work for a law firm and we have a case where 4 young adults were in Lexus and could not stop the care after it accelerated on the freeway, they ended up hitting the concrete bridge and the car burned up with all 4 people in it. All killed. -Patricia

i own a 2009 Toyota Venza and i just ran through a restuarant no one was hurt but it could have been worst my car just took off Toyota checked my car out and said thay could not find anything i am scared to drive it now. -JM

The next generation Prius: Saving the planet by killing the people who are ruining it.