I'm not entirely sure why they're so compelling. But here are pictures of Levi Johnston's arrival in New York for his Playgirl shoot, where he'll put Alaska's Most Famous Loin in print, via Playgirl spokesman Daniel Nardicio. Girls: go crazy.

Many men have arrived in New York for their breakthrough moments, and many of them haven't had someone around to document their landing. Kermit did not get the same reception.

This is strangely intuitive of Playgirl; they're presenting the photos context-free, as will I. Levi Johnston's an enigmatic figure of our times. He's a small-town kid who was violently ensnared in one of the most intense political campaigns in the history of our country. He became the refuse of the Palin family after that campaign failed—he was no longer part of the image that Gov. Palin needed to maintain in order to carry out whatever political objectives she has. Caught in the middle is his child, and the secrets he may or may not have on Gov. Palin. We don't know if he's telling the truth, and we have just as much of a reason to believe him—Sarah Palin, enough said—as we don't: the appeal of fame, attention, and celebrity.

Levi, Gawker's Celebrity Penis Investigation Team (Brian Moylan and Myself) have invested time and sentiment in your wang. Do not disappoint, sir.

Readers, enjoy Playgirl photographer Todd Kancar's Kennedy-esque gallery of Levi Johnston arrival shots. Welcome to the Big City, kid. Sing a few songs, but in the end: deliver the goods (read: your penis.)