Wow, little bit of a short day. Or long, depending on what angle you look at it from, nahmean? Here's your open thread. There's a new Saturday Night Live tonight, and the house is nearing a health care vote.

So, yeah: health care vote, comin' up on the floor. Taylor Swift, comin' up on SNL. How excited are we?

I won't speak for anyone else here, but for me: not much. At this point, a Taylor Swift SNL feels overdone, and it hasn't even been done yet. Yes, Kanye West is going to be in one of the skits, and I'm sure it'll be as cute as the time he was in a skit with Mike Meyers after the whole "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People" thing.

And the health care bill: all this debate, for what? A piece of legislation that's supposed to dictate the next decade of health care policy that can be turned around by another administration's agenda if the Democrats lose power next year and Obama loses in 2012? It's the execution of these things that matter. This thing got stretched out, and America's pissed about this debate they don't even fully understand—and I say that as one of many—and we just want it to be over, and how much do we really care?

Timing is everything.

And more often than not, something we can only be so in control over. The universe is a chaotic, fucked up place! The most you can try to do is be in your seat before the bell rings, I guess.

Altarcations comin' at you guys at 2:30 tomorrow. Also, we'll learn about what a Jew is, whether I should wear a skirt to Geometry, and where the bachelor pad went. Things are lost! Maybe we'll find them. Maybe they'll just stay lost! And maybe the things we lost that we want to find will pop up at exactly the right time again! On that note, I will refrain from making any more dick jokes tonight. I think this song arrived in the universe at exactly the right time! Here's hoping.