The supposedly magical ladyparts of Kate Hudson and Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly are being credited for their respective boyfriends'—Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter—awe-inspiring post-season performance. Here's hoping Ms. Kelly doesn't get jealous of Jeter's new girlfriend.

One eagle-eyed blogger named Matt Salacuse observes:

If you did not catch the celebration on the field after the game, you missed the Yankee captain, Derek Jeter, getting reacquainted with an old friend....

Jeter was holding the championship trophy a little too familiarly. He knew that shit too. If you listen to his answer, he says "this is right where it belongs." He owns that shit! Watch for Posada in the replay, he knows what's coming and he gets out of the way quick.


If next year's champions are not the Yankees, it wouldn't be outlandish to suggest they look into getting that trophy cleaned (or tested) before giving it a go in any number of ways. As for Ms. Hudson and Ms. Kelly: claws out for that man-stealin' clap-trap trophy. She's only there to take them away from you.