After his original breakout video was appropriated by evil corporate behemoths—he didn't even get a chance to show everyone his sick new kickflip—Armstrong Flooring gave Skateboarding Bulldog an all new tape. Rad. But is it the original pooch?

Business Insider did the (wet) nose to the ground investigation. See the original video:

And the new ad.

The verdict?

The spot features said bulldog scrabbling across what appears to be Armstrong's Artesian Classics Color Wash in Birch Natural. (No, we're not flooring experts; the Armstrong website tells us this is what the spot features.) In the commercial, the dog is referred to as "Charlie," but we thought his body and skating style all indicate that he may indeed be Tillman.

Guess what? He totally is Tillman. A rep for BBDO, New York, confirmed this afternoon

BRO. Bark Burnquist over here is cashing in. Glad to know ad agencies are spending scrilla giving the people The Real McCoy instead of some fake-ass wanna be ruff ridin' pooch. Still complaining about not being able to get a job? This dog's got hustle and—possibly—a slick backwards-manual-to-fakie-ollie. The job market needs skillz. If Tillman teaches us anything, it's that they're out there. Dogg.