Now the Republicans have won a couple of minor elections, everyone seems to be conveniently forgetting that they're as crazy as a box of frogs. As a reminder: meet Todd Herman the man behind the recently relaunched $1.4m GOP website!

Before he became the new media director of the Republican National Committee (because they noticed that he could switch a computer on and had also donated to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth) he worked in video at Microsoft. Where he did this little web interview. It is, somewhat ironically, about being careful what you say in front of the cameras. At about 25 seconds in he mentions that Al-Qaeda are really very effective communicators and make a good example for Fortune 500 companies (and therefore, one would presume, major political parties).

Which, to be fair, is a pretty good point. And as the modern-day GOP is moving to an increasingly extreme position, perhaps not a bad analogy. But I bet the right-wingers Herman works for wouldn't think so. Dick Cheney has been known to beat the snot out of toddlers with a pool ball in a sock for making such anti-American suggestions.

His blog says he's a former talk radio host. And that he took the job, earlier this year, because "Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid and President Obama's professional political staff show alarming signs of being hard-core authoritarian elitists convinced of their own might, wisdom and infallibility and their Neitzchian [sic] belief that if I only gave my daughter over to The State she'd be better for it." I don't know what that means either, or what he thinks Nancy Pelosi and Nietzsche want to do to his daughter. But the animation of Michael Steele dancing, the decision to name the RNC chairman's blog 'What Up?' and the general strangeness on the site make more sense now.