Celebrity gossip merchant Bonnie Fuller slammed Michael Lohan for selling celebrity gossip; Gina Tripani was baffled by women, as a group; and a journalist tried to pull rank at a very nerdy ropeline. The Twitterati re-examined their bona fides.

Bonnie Fuller, once and future member of the celebrity media, admonished Michael Lohan for selling out too cheap, to the celebrity media.

Smarterware's Gina Tripani, founding Lifehacker editor, was basically all, "$%!@#&*!@ing WOMEN. What are you gonna do, knowdamean?? Pffffft." So now everyone's allowed to say that.

In fairness to whomever Venture Beat's Anthony Ha overheard, we'd be pretty pissed, too, if we couldn't even get into something called "Enterprise 2.0 2009."

Tech writer Paul Carr discovered a creepy new use for Twitter Lists. Quite inadvertently. And quite involuntarily.

Former Newsradio and Kids in the Hall star Dave Foley was indeed hacked, and left up one tweet as a kind of memorial. The sleazy pyramid marketing links came down, however.

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