While five young suspects in the robberies of some of Hollywood's finest celebrity homes have been arrested and await their day in court, one has remained at large, wanted and labeled dangerous by the police. Until today.

The suspect Johnny "Dangerous" Ajar, is thought to be the friend of the teenage bandits who helped them fence their heisted wares. Ajar has been in hiding since the case broke. A search warrant executed on his home, however, turned up a cache of guns and prescription drugs, leading the police to warn that the fugitive was armed and dangerous.

Well the manhunt is at an end, thanks the sleuthing of Friend of Gawker Mark Ebner, currently on assignment for Maxim. Missing since the story broke, Ajar turned up today on Ebner's site, Hollywood Interrupted, talking with him in a video. Wearing a Raiders cap and soul patch, Ajar confirms his identity, denies that he is dangerous, and says that he will be turning himself in to police today, accompanied by his attorney and Ebner.

Speaking with Ebner, he tells us that the trio will make their appearance before the law at the LAPD Hollywood Division, Wilcox station today between noon and 2p m Pacific time. And at last the giants of Young Hollywood will be able to sleep well knowing the last of the gang is in the hands of justice.