Congratulations to the National Organization For Marriage, a group dedicated to making sure a large segment of the population cannot get married, on their successful campaign to scare people in Maine.

NOM raised a zillion dollars or so from hateful bigots across the nation whose names they refuse to disclose, which is, of course, a violation of state campaign finance law. But if it works, who gives a shit? 53% of Maine voters agreed that if the gays get married, they will attempt to force the children to learn, in public schools, that gay people exist, and that they should not be beaten to death for crimes against God.

Once again we learn the shocking truth that putting the civil rights of minority groups to a popular vote does not work very well. Crazy, right?

Here is a classic sketch from The Dana Carvey Show that is more relevant than ever, again:

Prominent national Democrats did not go near this campaign, at all. Which is a shocker, we know.

But there is good news for gays on the other end of this miserable nation of bigots! In Washington State, the Gays can do something called "everything-but-marriage," which is a term with much less baggage than "separate but equal." A "sensible expansion of the state's domestic-partnership laws" is two points up with absentee ballots still to be counted.