Page Six ran an item today saying Sienna Miller was seen shopping in SoHo with her ex, DJ Slinky Wizard (above right). We got a tip that she was in the store with ex Balthazar Getty (left). What's the difference?

Miller started dating the Wiz (born Geroge Barker) this summer after a controversial relationship with Getty started and ended in 2008 when Getty was estranged from his wife (there were even topless photos of them together) and a relapse this June. The rumor was that Sienna and Slinky broke up while she is in New York on Broadway and Mr. Slinky is spinning away in London, but now Page Six has them back together.

"They seemed very much a couple," said our snitch. "George was talking about how he was excited about their plans for the night."

We don't know who's right, but our snitch says she also saw Sienna shopping at the Only Hearts store in SoHo, but she wasn't with Nobody Beats the Wiz, but with Balthazar Getty. We don't know who is right, and actually it is kinda hard to tell them apart. Either way it makes for some juicy gossip, so we're going to make this one a choose your own adventure. If you want Sienna to start dating Slinky again, turn to page 23. If you want her to get back with Getty, turn to page 53.

[Images via Getty, no relation to Balthazar]