Last week the well-respected interim editor of the Observer, Tom McGeveran, quit in mysterious circumstances. New York Mag tells a tale of feuds and (media) hit jobs that might offer some explanation.

Chris Rovzar (who's been on fire with the media stories this week) says that McGeveran might have quit over a takedown of the Newark Star-Ledger that Kushner insisted be more vicious. The Star-Ledger, remember, reported, with some relish, the scandal that put Jared's dad Charles behind bars five years ago. NY Mag also point out that the newspaper is a competitor to Kushner's website

Last month this piece appeared; a musing on the woes of journalism state-wide, that featured the Star-Ledger. Sources told Rovzar that "what came back was not satisfactory to Jared," who wanted more blood. The ethics conflict over a publisher out for revenge added to McGeveran's woes as an interim editor who had to cut staff while his boss interviewed for his replacement. "It was the straw that broke the camel's back," another co-worker added.

Kushner's reps did not comment, but McGeveran denied the story. You can't help but feel sorry for the guy. Maybe he'll land a cushy job as part of the Wall Street Journal's new New York section, outed today in the Times. For which the paper is apparently making subtle headhunting enquiries to journalists.