No, she is not leaving Vogue, no she is not moving to D.C., no she has not been installed as the monarch of some European country. She's just on the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Michelle Obama is the honorary chair of the commitee which focuses on "arts and humanities education, cultural diplomacy, economic revitalization through the arts and humanities and special events dedicated to recognizing excellence in these areas." Looks like all the time Anna spent raising money for Obama is finally paying off! Anna is one of 26 private citizens appointed to the committee that were announced on Monday night. We would say that she would take over the whole thing, except Hollywood power gay Bryan Lourd, the über-agent who is managing director and co-chairman of CAA, is also on the committee. If she can't get her main gay André Leon Talley to call in some velvet mafia favors, he's totally going to try to rule over this whole thing.

Joining them on the list are Sarah Jessica Parker, Ed Norton, Forest Whitaker, Alfre Woodard, Yo-Yo Ma, almost first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry, Kerry Washington, and a bunch of other people we don't care about.

Some may see this is a minor posting, but we see it as a stepping stone to her real destiny, being installed as the monarch of a small European country full of very fashionable people, tasteful architecture, and tennis champions, where only the very slender are allowed inside its borders.

[Pic of Wintour with Obama Social Secretary Desiree Rogers by Alex Geana]