The Wall Street Journal is planning to hire a dozen new staffers to cover local news in NYC, Media Decoder reports. Let us point out every last implication to this news!

  • Rupert Murdoch is still willing to pour money into the New York newspaper wars, "decline of the newspaper industry" be damned. He will not rest until he can claim superiority over the NYT as a general interest paper in the NYC market. Or he will die trying, literally!
  • People most likely to be angry about this: The WSJ's Boston bureau, which was recently closed.
  • People who should be most worried about this: New York Post staffers. Every dollar Rupert puts into the WSJ is a dollar that he's not putting into the Post. Which already has very good local coverage, in a vile tabloidy way.
  • People who may view this news with keen interest: The 100 New York Times newsroom staffers who have to be gone by the end of the year. "Hiring," you say?

This has been every single implication of this WSJ local news news.
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