We knew that Olivia Palermo, best known for her role as the Upper East Side Stereotype on MTV's The City, had given up Manhattan to move to Brooklyn, we never thought it would be for DUMBO. Ew.

On TV, we see her living the glamorous life working at Elle, going to hip parties, attending fashion shows, and being hated by her co-workers. She's supposed to be the real-life Gossip Girl. Which is why our ears perked up when we someone casually mentioned the other night that she's now living in this stroller-strewn neighborhood. Not hipsters with trustfunds Williamsburg or hipsters with real jobs Greenpoint, where she might still retain some of her cool cred, but boring, closes-after-7-pm DUMBO. No wonder we always see Whitney Port's apartment in the West Village, but never see where Palermo lives, because she's in a neighborhood that dare not speak its name to the MTV set.

She firstmoved out of her parent's place on the Upper East Side to a $4,150 a month pad on Leonard St in TriBeCa. But it was always framed as a youthful rebellion act. Page Six Magazine even did a spread about just how fabulous it was. Where are all the articles about just how great is to live in the outer boroughs?

But we could be proven wrong with some pictures of the apartment? Email us!