A couple of writers in the Washington Post Style section filed some heinous "charticle"-type story on deadline, which made their retirement-aged colleague so mad he had to punch one of them in the face, like POW!

Your Fighters:

Henry Allen, Pulitzer Prize-winning veteran WaPo feature writer and editor who is "nearly 70" and an ex-Marine.

Manuel Roig-Franzia, much younger WaPo staff writer who knows how to "make a mean gumbo."

The Washingtonian has the stunning details of the journobrawl: Reportedly, Roig-Franzia and his colleague Monica Hesse filed a charticle about historic political ethics violations that enraged Allen, who called it "the second worst story I have seen in Style in 43 years." We can't wait to hear what happens next!

"Oh, Henry," [Roig-Franzia] supposedly said, "don't be such a cocks——-."

Allen lunged at Roig-Franzia, threw him to the newsroom floor, and started throwing punches. Roig-Franzia tried to fend him off. Brauchli and others pulled the two apart.

That would be WaPo editor Marcus Brauchli, who reportedly helped break up the fight himself! Then he reportedly pulled Allen into his office, maybe to fire him?!? Although one could argue that Roig-Franzia should possibly be fired as well on general principle if he did in fact lose a fistfight to a near-septuagenarian!

WaPo staffers, we know you have more details, and maybe sexxxy fight pixxx! Can this be accurately termed an "ass whupping," or was it just a "sucker punch," or was it more of an "embarrassing flailing about?" Email us at once.

UPDATE: FishbowlDC (which apparently broke this story, hey), has a source saying "it was a single punch and no one was on the ground."

We're thinking it was like this, but if Zimmer had ducked and then knocked Pedro Martinez out: