Peter Braunstein is a convicted rapist and certified psycho with serious mental problems. But he's so tabloid-y! What's his latest crazy celebrity obsession, for the public to point and laugh about? Inside Edition knows!

America's tabloid television programs are the only thing that stand between our nation and total forgetfulness of past momentary tabloid sensations.

Braunstein: "Everyone sees a lot of me in the ‘Joker' character here. It's kind of a running joke, like, ‘that guy's a lot like you.'"

Once we put criminals in cages, it makes it all the more entertaining to tease out the manifestations of their mental illness, for laffs!

Braunstein: "Monday nights, it's like sacred, man. Everybody in the cell block knows that. Nobody talks to me when Gossip Girl is on.

Watch and be amazed as Peter Braunstein confirms that he is still a ruined post-traumatic victim of the celebrity-media-complex wars!

Braunstein: "Even though [Blair Waldorf is] scheming and has a thing about power, she's loyal. She's everything that I wanted in a girl."

Thank god the media's purged itself of the cancer of immorality. Watch the promo clip on now!