He may be a lion on the set, but he's a lamb at home, where his angry wife calls all the shots. He could be out behaving badly, like a group of lethal actors. Is there any happy medium?

1. "This actor has dozens of TV shows and films to his credit. You would think that all that work would have made him the consummate professional. Not really. Instead, it's turned him into a know-it-all about the role of everyone around him. He is constantly interrupting the director and the other actors with tips about how they can make their scene better. Everyone around him gets annoyed, but he is such a big star, they know that it's usually easier to simply accommodate his wishes than to battle him on set.
Perhaps he feels the need to assert himself on the set because things are so out of control on the home front? Surprisingly, his real-life primary relationship doesn't put up with his domineering ways at home. She gets in his face and asserts her own position, usually to her benefit. If they are having a squabble – which is happening a lot lately – he sleeps in the guest room. The couple reportedly hasn't engaged in personal relations in more than two months." [Blind Gossip]

2. "This is the scariest blind I have and I actually first posted it way back in June of 2007...A fairly minor producer died within the past month or so. It wasn't really noteworthy for the most part, but there were three or four very happy actors to see him pass. All of the actors are aging, but not George Burns old or anything. In fact, they are still A list at least by reputation. Could they carry a movie OR television show on their own anymore? Probably not. Are they regularly in movies AND television? Yes. See, back in the day there was a party like you could only have in Hollywood's glory days. Martinis, cigars and lots of beautiful women. Well it turns out that one of the beautiful women didn't go home at the end of the night. There was some incident involving either five or six actors. Two have died. Not knowing what to do, these actors got a studio gofer, now our dead producer and told him to get rid of the body and not tell anyone about it or tell anyone where the body was buried. Throughout the remainder of the producer's life, these actors took care of him, but were always afraid he would spill the secret because he was the only one who knew where the body was buried. No body, no case. Now, they are just worried that something will show up in the estate sale and some person will stumble onto a letter or some other evidence hidden in a desk drawer which will come back to haunt them. Maybe that's why one of the actors offered to buy the house with everything in it at a price that is twice what the place is worth. Still waiting to see if it will be accepted, but there won't be an estate sale yet for sure. The actors think they are being careful and that their true motives are unknown. Not at all the case, but the producer's widow is happy to take their money and be done with it. One hint is they have all been in at least one western. Although it could be on television OR in a movie." [CDaN]

3. "Which gobby star threw a tantrum when her assistant refused to get her some marching powder. Instead she got her marching order to bed. Your extra clue: What a naughty girl!" [UK Mirror]