On Tuesday, Jon Corzine runs for New Jersey Governor! Earlier today, the New York Post and WABC New York reported on "Corzine staffer" 25 year-old Jason Shih's arrest for having a bunch of E on him. Except: Shih totally lied.

We even got a tipster email about it from someone at the Post!

The New York Post is reporting that an assistant deputy director of NJ Gov. Jon Corzine's re-election campaign was arrested last night after cops found ecstasy tablets wrapped and ready to be sold in his car.


And that link from the Post now leads to a blank page. Same with WABC. Someone grabbed the Post report, which read like this:

Jason Shih, 25, was pulled over by East Rutherford cops at about 11:30 p.m. last night because he was talking on his cell phone on Route 17, said Lt. Chris Conforti of the East Rutherford police. Officers wound up finding 19 "blue star" ecstasy tablets in Shih's car, each wrapped in its own little plastic bag. Shih — who was stopped within 100 feet of Becton Regional High School — also had had "several hundred" empty plastic bags in his car, Conforti said. Shih told police he worked for Corzine's campaign, and had several campaign-related items in his car, police said. Corzine spokeswoman Elisabeth Smith said Shih is not on the payroll of the campaign or the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, and that the campaign doesn't know who he is.

That was at 2:30 PM, and the article's timestamp said that it was posted at 9:53 AM and updated at 12:53 AM, most likely with the Corzine staff denial that this guy had anything to do with them. So...what happened? One of three things. Conspiracy Theories, go!

1. Shih was planted by opposition to get busted by cops, to try and move bad press for Corzine. They only hosed the Post and one TV station. Weak.

2. The Corzine campaign actually knows this clown and there's a massive cover-up. Yeah, because a relatively high-ranking deputy working for Corzine's driving around Jersey today with a grip of Blue Star E instead of working at the campaign headquarters. This is about as likely as ecstasy becoming hip again is.

3. Some B & T ravebro was like, Brah. I work fah Jahn Cahrzine! And then the Corzine campaign got pissed, and called up these outlets, who then either removed the story because they didn't want to be on the bad side of the future Governor of New Jersey, or they're going to run a new story tomorrow about how this dumbass used a dumb excuse to not get out of a drug arrest, which you just know the Post can't wait to do. As far as the bust, the cops either saw what an assclown this guy was in plain sight, or they just don't give a shit who you work for in Dirty Jerz. You cross Johnny Law, it's oveh. And now you know. Also, 20 of Shih's "boys" in Jerz are gonna be so totally bummed, brah. They were gonna get the E and take it with their honeys and now they're gonna have to just drink a bunch of Patron, bro. Patron? PATRON!!!