Why'd Scientology unveil their new Washington D.C. "Ideal Org" on Halloween, of all days? 'Guess the wide public perception of Scientology being spooky-sketchy hasn't taken. Whatever the incentive: it's pissing off commuters, being protested, and—naturally—has Anonymous spies inside.

After causing a ruckus in Rome, and stirring up chaos in Nashville, the Church of Scientology came down on D.C. today to reveal their new "Ideal Org" building, which is apparently like Scientology's version of the special McDonalds that serve all the new special things that the rest of America has to wait for first, or something: it's a special super-awesome Scientology outpost.

To help assist the citizens of D.C. welcome it, they shut down a huge street, hung giant sheets, and tried to scatter and rid themselves of protesters. Via DCist:

Police are out in full force around the humongous 50,000-square foot building, and security is tight — a ten-foot tall white temporary barricade is blocking off 16th Street; there are huge draping banners reading "SCIENTOLOGY" and "DIANETICS", though, in case those walking by on their Saturday jaunts to the 14th and P retail corridor were wondering what the hell was going on with this big white thing in the middle of the street.

Ohhhh. That's why those people are creepily going through that gigantic white sheet. Wonder what's on the other side of it? I know! It's a small man with scary eyes named David Miscavage. He's the head of Scientology and he talked to his Scientology followers today.

There're way fun things in this picture! See if you can spot the guy in the anti-psychology jacket. And important Scientologists! And the guy in the peach-colored shirt who looks like he's missing his head. And here're more people ready for Miscavage to rock their faces:

There're also the people waving French flags outside this joint in honor of France's recent ruling against Scientology "fleecing" followers. Fleecing, indeed.

Looks like they keep on keepin' on after the awful week they just had, between Tommy Davis' freakouts and Paul Haggis' resignation from the church. So, basically, your typical Scientology shitshow. If you have any reports from what was said on the inside, let's hear 'em.