Kevin Pollak swore at someone who wished him happy birthday; Deborah Gibson swore at her elliptical machine and Fred Durst's waiter swore (probably) at him. The Twitterati were curse machines.

If you're going to wish touchy actor Kevin Pollak a happy birthday, remember to spell his last name correctly. It's as written previously, or, colloquially, "Kevin WHO?"

Actress and singer Deborah Gibson has had it with her lying workout machine. (It totally sucks when that happens.)

Your "Twitter Latte" intrigues Twitter CEO Ev Williams. So he'll either be ordering one, or suing you. Or both!

Singer Fred Durst forgot to pay his check. He apparently didn't have time to go back and pay or tip or whatever, but he had time to tweet "Oops." Uh, LOL?

Business Insider (and former Valleywag-) contributor Alaska Miller wants less predictable cable news talking heads. Like maybe a redhead!

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