Click to viewThis Halloween weekend there are going to be plenty of horror movies both in the theaters and on TV. Why bother? Save yourself the trouble and check out this compilations of the worst ways to get killed.

Eaten by a shark? Check. Deadly alien? Check. Killer Snowman? Check. Creature crawling out of the fridge to pull you in? You betcha! Gore-obsessed video intern Brad Clark scoured countless horror movies to find the most creatively campy, disgustingly delirious, and just plain shitty ways to die and condensed it to under a minute. Now you have your whole weekend to do productive things like make a costume or figure out how to put razor blades into apples. You're welcome.

The films these moments came from are:
Deep Blue Sea
Chopping Mall
Final Destination
(A whole bunch of 'em)
Friday the 13th Part 8
Deadly Friend
Dead Alive
Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child
Jack Frost
From Beyond
Ichi the Killer
Day of the Dead
House of Wax