Yesterday, we told you about Anderon Cooper's catch of a boyfriend Benjamin (Antoine) Maisani. We asked for more info, and all we got was pictures, but they are more than good enough. Hello, Ben.

While we keep waiting to hear more reasons to be jealous of this muscled business owner who gets to go on lavish vacations with Anderson Cooper, we can console ourselves with some yummy images.

Being the co-owner of Eastern Bloc, a popular divey gay bar in the East Village, there must be even more party pictures of Mr. Maisani lying around. Please, email them in!

This is the promo shot for Eastern Bloc with the three owners. Maisani is on the right along with Gabriel Beaton and Darren Dryden. Yeah, we wanna hang out with them.

Photo by Michael Wakefield

Here's Maisani working hard behind the bar. Twerking" />

Check out those guns! No wonder he reeled in a silver fox. Twerking" />

Well, if you own a gay bar, there are going to be pictures of you making out with boys floating around, now aren't there. Let's hope this was before Anderson! Twerking" />

Ditto on gay bar owner=pictures of you with drag queens. This picture is sort of indicative of Cooper's public persona: it's fuzzy and he has his hand on a lady's boob, but everyone knows the person in the dress is really a guy. Twerking" />

The back patio of Eastern Bloc sure looks like a fun place to hang. Twerking" />

Here he is with Cooper this June. Matching outfits! Cute. [Image via PCN]

Here he is getting close to the DJ. It's so Lindsay and Sam. [Image via Homo-Neurotic via Next Magazine]

Hey Ben, any time you want to share a beer, let us know. It's on us.

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Twerking" />

Oh, Ben, you'd be so nice to come home to. [Image via Homo-Neurotic]

Maisani and his DJ friend, wearing a lot less clothing. We like this version much better. [Image via Homo-Neurotic]

Who's your friend, Ben? Is he single? [Image via Homo-Neurotic]

Do them come for the strong drinks, or the strong man behind the bar? [Image via Homo-Neurotic]