Who amputated Google? For one Gawker editor's laptop, running Firefox and Windows, the buttons for "Google Search" and "I'm Feeling Lucky" were amputated from Google.com. Instead, there's this taunting minimalist slogan:

Press enter to search.

Which reads to us as a slightly insulting, "Press enter to search, moron, you never needed the buttons to begin with," but maybe we're just sensitive. On other computers, Google.com is its old self. Maybe the search engine is testing out a pared down interface on select users, as it's been known to do before.

Either that or there's a new generation of hackers who don't actually steal anything but just make annoying little tweaks all over your computer and internets. In the meantime, Firefox users can just type their queries into the address bar and hit Enter, whenever they're "feeling lucky."

UPDATE: Looks like some people on Twitter are seeing a button-less Google, too, although they say the buttons "fade" in and out when you hover over their former locations, a feature we aren't seeing. If you know what's going on, clue us in.