We might not have gotten their wedding photos (yet?), but we have the next best thing from this week's Kushner-Trump nuptial celebrations: the Craigslist M4M missed connections post. Someone at the reception yesterday got a little flirty with the bartender!

It appears that a friend (or family member?) got a little close to the bartender at the couple's second reception at Manhattan's Puck Building last night and can't stop thinking about him. Like anyone obsessed with that hottie behind the bar who gives a little wink for a bigger tip, he took to Craigslist to see if he could score. Please apply a big [sic].

Bartender at Ivanka Trumps wedding celebration - m4m - 32 (SoHo)

I was with my cousin and couldnt think of what I wanted to drink. I ended up getting a JW and Coke and by the look on your face I could tell you werent a fan... well, of the drink I hope. You had on black frame glasses and black hair. You're stunning. If you remember me, what color was my tie?

If we were that bartender, we would get right to responding, because this guy has got to be rich! Any of the Kusher-Trump cronies who might be a poor, gay single would be trying to score someone with some scratch among the well-heeled attendees. Only one with his own business (trust fund? excellent job? jewelry line?) would even bother looking twice at the help. This is your Cinderella moment, anonymous bartender. Seize it!

Also: tomorrow we're picking the winner of our Javanka wedding photo contest, so you still have time to work this anecdote into your entry. Winner gets $150.