Sweeps week is coming up, so hey, a TV station in DC just had an idea: Breassstsss! Nekkid breasts on your television screen being beamed straight into your home, uncovered and uncensored! Because of news.

So yea, breast cancer is a big thing, among ladies and all, and people are always talking about "Examine your breasts, ladies," but nobody is actually showing that breast exam, right? That is where WJLA "News" comes in! They're going to show a couple ladies just stone cold examining their bare breasts, for education of the public. Tune in to WJLA during sweeps week to learn about this important issue, of breasts. No reason for mature people to get all titillated! They're doing it for you, the breasted public, reports the Washington Post:

"The public benefits of this will outweigh any criticism," [says WJLA's general manager]. "I suppose some people will call up and say, 'I won't watch your station.' But they'll be outnumbered by those who say, 'You helped my sister. You helped my mother. You helped someone I love.' "

"You helped me leer."
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