Though Levi Johnston's svengali Tank Jones told us last week that he was "90% sure" Levi would bare all for Playgirl, he has officially removed that pesky 10% uncertainty. Levi will be going, um, whole hog for his upcoming shoot.

While Tank had told us on more than one occasion that Levi would decide how naked he would get only on the day of the shoot, today Tank told TMZ, "Everything's gonna hang out. We're talking full johnson." We're gonna hold you to that, Tank, even though both sides have told us there is no stipulation in the contract about how much skin he will show.

He also said that they're planning on doing the shoot in New York on November 16, the same day that Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue hits stores. A rep from Playgirl said that they're looking to do the shoot in an athletic setting, "gyms, rinks—that sort of thing." Um, for the sake of Levi's johnston, can we please not do it on a freezing cold ice skating rink? That's not going to do wonders for his hockey stick.

Well, we won't get to read about it on Twitter, because whoever has been operating the highly-suspect Levi Johnston Twitter account says he will be deleting it after an interview on Dallas' Pugs and Kelly radio show this afternoon. Sounds like a hoax to us.

Today was also the second half of Levi's appearance on CBS' The Early Show (video below), where he talked about prepping for his nudie shoot (love the workout footage!) and the offers that he turned down, like being on some dating shows and "some people who wanted me to do some odd things on camera."

This was taped before the first part aired yesterday and raised the ire of Levi's babymomma momma. Still, it's clear that he doesn't give a lick what the Palins think about him and his future career plans. He says, "[Sarah Palin is] quitting governor to make her money, so we're on the same page here."

Yes sir, two side of the coin spinning around in the dance of fame. But it looks like now we're going to get to see both Levi's heads and tails.

[Illustration by Steven Dressler]

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