My favorite Top Chef moments involve things bursting into flame. Sadly, that hasn't happened in the kitchen this year. Happily, the same isn't true of this live blog — you guys were on fire last week!

In fact, your comments made me laugh so hard, I broke my sauce! (I don't know that means. Ask Jen.) Here's a sampling:

  • DahlELama: I can't believe there is a room with two blindfolded Voltaggio boys in it and I'm not there. This is the saddest day.
  • WillClark: That's the fastest Eli has run since middle school gym.
  • Spirit Fingers: The hell is a sablefish? Are we even following a species chart anymore? Never in my life have I heard of a sablefish. Sounds like a muppet creation.
  • ronniedobbs: @Spirit Fingers: It's too close to "silverfish" for my taste.
  • son of spam: Padma looks smirky and delicious.
  • Mediahohoho: I forget, which hobbit is Eli again?
  • xcornmuffinx: @Mediahohoho: If there was a "Dildo Baggins" maybe he'd be that one.
  • foshow: Padma! Calm down!
  • Dot: Failed Mission.
  • ms_priestypants: Why can Eli not properly conjugate verbs?!?!?! That bothers me more than his assiness.
  • DahlELama: Oof. Cain and Abel are at it again!
  • crookedE: See you later, Invisaline. Or not.

Tonight's edition, I'm sure, will be even more entertaining. Why not join in and share your pithy wit with us? The live blog happens in the comments section below, and the show starts at 10 Eastern on Bravo. I've seen the previews of tonight's episode, and it looks like a real sauce-breaker (dunno, ask Jen). Here are a few things to watch for:

  • The quickfire will involve making dinners based on randomly assigned TV shows. Quaker Oats is no longer a Top Chef sponsor, so I guess Mister Ed won't be one of them.
  • When the chefs learn that they have to cook for Star Wars starlet Natalie Portman — who is a vegan — several of them look pretty pissed about it. In fact, Count Dooku and Darth Sidious probably never eyed her with such malevolence.
  • As usual, Toby Young's role will be the Top Chef equivalent of Jar Jar Binks: He will talk stupidly and we will wish he wasn't there.

But I'm glad you're here. Grab your laptop and have a seat. The show's about to start!

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