Two Chicago men have been arrested and charged with plotting to kill the Danish cartoonist who drew this controversial Muhammad cartoon back in 2005. Religious fanatics will not rest until they have incompetently harassed this mediocre cartoonist to distraction.

The FBI says that two Pakistani men who lived in Chicago came up with this CODE NAME: "Mickey Mouse Project," which was to fly over to Denmark and murder Kurt Westergaard (and his editor!), who drew the dumb cartoon so long ago that made so many dumb people so upset. He is 78 years old! How about waiting and letting god deal with him, soon enough?

The master assassins left behind a few clues, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

In October 2008, Headley used his birth name, Daood Gilani —which he changed in 2006 to avoid suspicion while traveling — when posting a message to a Yahoo group called "abdalians," authorities said.

"Everything is not a joke . . . We are not rehearsing a skit on Saturday Night Live," Headley said in the posting. "Call me old-fashioned, but I feel disposed towards violence for the offending parties."

So this dumb and pointless plot to fly overseas and kill and old man over a cartoon has now been foiled, and these guys will doubtless spend decades in jail over it, and Kurt Westergaard is understandably angry that crazy people half a world away still want to buy airline tickets in order to fly over and kill him, for this bullshit. Come on.

Conspicuously not targeted in the plot: Yale University Press.