Not sure what's weirder: that Michael Jackson had "custom fragrances" made for him which got smeared all over everyone he hugged, or that this fact warrants 48 fawning seconds in the MTV "This is it" premier special/extended advertisement currently airing.

I do like, though, how every weird thing about him is quickly being converted into What We Loved About Michael. More importantly: The deification of Michael Jackson has entered the crucial olfactory stage. This is actually the second step in the immortal pop star canonization process—right after the part where the collective memory of said pop star is subtly altered so that the public begins to believe he/she was born of the coupling of a purple unicorn and a thunderstorm on a midsummer's night, deep in the shadows of the Shenandoah mountains. (That part happened already, right?) And right before the commemorative first class stamp. (Yes, please!)

Also, this would suggest that in addition to allegedly using a body double in the film, Jackson also had a spot-on scent double. Woah.

NOTE: Sorry for the choppy video. I'm new at this!