If you see a bunch of suspicious-looking nerds loitering in your dorm courtyard and plotting privacy violations, don't panic, according to Johns Hopkins University administrators: It's just Justin Timberlake and his buddies pretending to be Facebook founders. (Update: No Timberlake!)

The university has notified students that Facebook movie The Social Network will be filming on campus next week (reproduced below). The scenes will be filmed almost entirely night, in keeping with the work hours of your typical campus computer nerd-slash-startup founder. Johns Hopkins says the filming won't be disruptive, but we're not so sure: The first student to take a picture of Jesse Eisberg as Mark Zuckerberg and upload it to Facebook might just create a black hole of social media meta-ness that will devour us all. Which is why you should send your pictures here, instead.

UPDATE: Bad news, Johns Hopkins students: A university spokesman wrote to let us know that "Justin Timberlake isn't a part of the Harvard-based scenes being shot here. As I understand it, his character comes into play when the story moves to the West Coast." Since Timberlake plays Silicon Valley investor/entrepreneur Sean Parker, that makes total sense. Sorry to get your hopes up. Jesse Eisberg isn't so bad, though!

[via Blackbook]