This is sad: Mediabistro is now carrying classified listings for straight up clerical jobs with no media connection, because they figure those are the jobs of the future, for many media people. After all, their industry is dying.

An upset tipster forward us a Mediabistro job listing for a customer service coordinator at a "Day Spa and Hair salon in Midtown East" New York. "Experience selling beauty products is a plus," but there is absolutely no media aspect to this job. Said tipster complained to Mediabistro and got back the following email:

Hey, Mediabistro: How about carrying listings for some fast-food jobs, too? "Many individuals" who are registered at Mediabistro may be interested in learning the basic skills of that profession, as well.

We can already imagine the MB seminar on those gigs, taught by some sage veteran journalist: "If someone says they want fries with that, check it out. You need three sources to confirm!"