In your manly Monday media column: BusinessWeek's actual sale price revealed, America's most fucked newspapers revealed, Gene Weingarten revealed to still be (reasonably) funny, and a job revealed at Conde Nast! Oh, too late.

Peter Kafka pulls out the actual sale price of BusinessWeek: $9.3 million, before taxes. That's more than earlier reports of $2-5 million, but less than what McGraw-Hill would have liked to get for the magazine ($999 million).

The entire newspaper industry did terribly in the latest circulation report, but who did the worst? Well, the SF Chronicle's circulation dropped 26%; the Miami Herald dropped 23%; and the Newark Star-Ledger dropped 22%. Coincidentally, those are the same three papers that lead the "Papers that are toast" list. [Oh and look at this!]

Gene Weingarten cracks jokes about his newspaper's stupid pundit contest. Most of you probably think you're "too cool" to admit that old Gene Weingarten, plain old newspaper "humor columnist," is a funny writer, don't you? Well you're not. Just admit it.

Conde Nast has hired Julie Raimondi as the new editor in chief of, one of the few jobs that still exists over there, at Conde Nast.