The contract is signed, ladies and gentleman, this thing is really going to happen. No one is disclosing cash figures yet, but it's more than the $25,000 he was originally offered. And there might be wang!

Levi's handler Tank Jones confirmed for us that the contract with Playgirl is signed and that the shoot will take place in the next couple of weeks here in New York. A date hasn't been set yet, but it's most likely going to be the first weekend in November. Jones said the shoot will take place in a studio, but that they want to do some shots outside as well, weather permitting. New York in November—those are going to be some perky man nipples!

Jones confirmed what we reported before, that there's nothing about how much Levi will or will not show in the contract, but he said that Levi is "fearless" and he'll "do what he wants to do" and that he's "90% sure there will be nudity...I'm talking the front. Letting the whole thing hang out."

Jones confirmed that they payday is more than the $25,000 Playgirl originally offered. When asked if the online magazine ponied up more cash or came up with some other sort of incentive, he said, "A little bit of both." Since they're offering that kind of money, we're sticking with our assumption that it will be more than an underwear shoot. That Tank keeps alluding to Levi showing penis and is "90% sure" we'll see the kid's hunting rifle makes us hopeful, but 90% is not 100% so we're hedging our bets until the actual shoot.

In other Levi news, Jones said that he's working on a book about the Palin family. "There's a whole lot of material he hasn't talked about because he wanted to protect the family," Jones says. But since the Palin's have been talking trash about him, Levi isn't keeping quiet anymore. "The gloves are off, everything is going to come out." While we don't want a body double for this shoot, we certainly hope there is going to be a ghostwriter for this book!

[Illustration by Steven Dressler]