John Edwards is putting up Rielle Hunter—and the daughter he fathered with her—in $6,550-a-month, 3,600-square-foot seaside home just down the beach from the Edwards' Wilmington, N.C., mansion, the National Enquirer reports. Again.

Back in August, the Enquirer unleashed a BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE: "John Edwards is moving the mother of his love child into his North Carolina neighborhood and will help raise their baby." After failing—or is it passing?—a secret paternity test, Edwards had resolved to bring Rielle and baby Frances to Wilmington (the Edwards' also own an estate in Chapel Hill, N.C.)

So what are we to make of today's BOMBSHELL EXCLUSIVE?

John Edwards is paying for his mistress and their love child to live in a gorgeous million- dollar home that's a short distance from his family's luxury mansion!

Well, there is one slight difference between the two stories. Back in August, Edwards' "cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth exploded in a rage when he told her...that he's moving his mistress and baby to Wilmington, near his plush $2.6 million waterfront mansion." This time, she's taking a more laid-back approach: "[W]e have learned that in a dramatic change of heart, Edwards' cancer-stricken wife Elizabeth has reluctantly agreed to go along with Rielle and the baby moving close to the Edwards' $2.6 million waterfront home."

So there you have it: The first time around, the Enquirer seriously underestimated Elizabeth Edwards' ability to stop her husband from paying for his mistress and illegitimate daughter to live down the beach. As for Elizabeth's change of heart, who knows? It could be that her health has taken a turn for the worse, putting her in a more conciliatory mood. Or it could be that she finally became convinced that giving Hunter everything she wants is the only way to get her to stop telling the National Enquirer everything, all the time. If it was the latter, we now know that she was wrong.