In February, we noted the sad decline of the once-posh, boutique-strewn neighborhood of NoLIta, where Gawker HQ is located. We sent the interns back to the streets and have a new report: more sales, more closing, and only some redemption.

Below is the updated map of the neighborhood. The areas shaded red are stores that are closed, vacant, or under construction. The yellow ones are those currently having sales. The white ones are either restaurants, private residences, or places where someone has managed to make a coin or two in these bleak times.

So, what did we (and by we, I mean intrepid intern Daniel Pardo) find in the intervening eight months? Six of the properties that were closed before are still closed, seven of the stores that were having sales are now closed, 20 properties are now vacant that weren't before, nine stores are still having sales, ten stores that weren't having sales are now trying to get rid of their merchandise, twelve stores that were having sales are no longer offering discounts, and three brave souls have opened new business in addresses that were formerly vacant.

What does all this mean? We're all screwed. Sales worked for some, but didn't work for others. Some places that were going strong are now on the ropes. Some places are just meant to be closed, and some people have the optimistic delusion to chase the American dream even in this economy.

Here is a selection of the places having sales:

White Saffron—232 Mott St.—40% off.

Tangdance—230 Mott St.—50 % off.

Mink—219 Mott St.—40 % off.

Second Time Around – 262 Mott St.—50 % off.

Mixane—272 Mott St.—30 % off.

TUTU—55 Spring St.—60 % off

Irregular Choice—288 Lafayette St.—30 % off.

Amarcord—252 Lafayette St.—25 % off

Label—273 Lafayette St.—70 % off.

NY Poll—269 Lafayette St.—70 % off.

Christian Audigier—275 Lafayette St.—70 % off.

B Tiff—244 Mulberry St.—70 % off.

Think Closet—242 Mulberry St.—70 % off

The Red Thread—190 Elizabeth St.—30-70 % off