Inexplicably (but admirably) magnetic elderly author Salman Rushdie is now out on the town with another attractive younger lady: Min Lieskovsky. Who is she? We will tell you what we know, okay?

  • She Loves Models: "My name is Min Lieskovsky, I'm 26, and I'm addicted to male models. I've dated six of the world's top models, as ranked by," she wrote in Elle Girl. Perhaps her tastes have, ah, changed, a bit? "My secret to dating male models is simple: Tell them they're smart," she writes. Or, date a smart guy, and tell him he's attractive!
  • She Is Quite a Hottie, if She Does Say So Herself: Let's pull more from that same Elle Girl story, which is truly a unique window into the psyche of Min Lieskovsky. "Each male model I dated told me he had never met a girl like me: smart, but easy to talk to; nerdy, but still pretty hot." Interesting. Are you in fact pretty hot? "I have long harbored fantasies of being a model," she says, but goes on to clarify, with admirable humility, "At 5'6" and 130 pounds, I consider myself quite a fox, but I'm not model material." Actually, she could have been a model if she weren't such a rebel: "the popular boys in my school who ranked hot girls said they'd have put me at No. 1 if I hadn't shaved my head or worn lederhosen."
  • She Went to School, You Know, In Boston: "And while, with a Harvard diploma, I had entrée to a career of my choice, there was something very attractive about the idea of achieving fame with very little effort." Her thesis was about Cambodian genocide: "I'm really interested in human capabilities, which is why I'm interested in poetry, music, stuff like that. Genocide is just another one of those human capabilities, it's how you basically live death."
  • She's Finally Listening to Her Mother: "Then I remember that men display identical tastes to mine, preferences that tend toward the young and professionally pulchritudinous. Women my mother's age have told me to find a man who would be a good father and provider, meaning: food, shelter, a steady income-stability. I smile and refrain from telling them that I can afford my own food and rent and that my friends and family give me support and love. About the only thing that I can't give myself is that flush of excitement upon locking eyes (and lips) with a really gorgeous guy." Uh huh.
  • She Apparently Made Up Her Own Job Title: According to LinkedIn, Min is a "Writing and Ethnographic Marketing Consultant." Uh huh.
  • She Enjoys Traveling: She went to Cambodia once with her writer friend! She had a good time. And took pictures. And that's just the beginning: "Lieskovsky's wanderings have taken her across Europe and to a number of South American countries. Along the way, she has partied at the American embassy in Cambodia, bluffed her way into a maximum security prison and learned bank-robbing tips from Long Beach Crips exiled in Cambodia. Lieskovsky isn't anywhere near done. 'I want to go to as many dangerous places as possible,' she says."

She Has Goals: "'I want to be Angelina Jolie's assistant in Cambodia,' she exclaims."

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