According to American popular intellectual Glenn Beck, "Net Neutrality" is a Marxist plot to control content, on the internet, by which he means that the jackbooted Obama storm troopers want to take away your World Net Daily.

Look, you have a brain, we don't need to explain how stupid and precisely backwards this "net neutrality is government control of content" argument is. We just need to point out that among the many groups supporting net neutrality are the Christian Coalition, the Gun Owners of America, and Brent Bozell's Parents Television Council. All of them are in on the plot! Everyone's a Marxist now! (Except the Maoists. It is an important distinction that only Glenn Beck can make with any accuracy.)

And Glenn Beck is apparently running out of ways to scare people. Net neutrality? Did Glenn just pick this one to take on because he knew it'd piss off the internet?