After making millions selling his company to AOL, you might think Jason Calacanis would be done making a public spectacle of himself. Not so. Just ask the security guards at Angel Stadium.

The Weblogs Inc. and Mahalo founder held up a series of signs at last night's Yankee-Angels game, including "Yanks in 5 Games" and "Jeter for MVP." Assisting him were two other Web entrepreneurs: Josh Harris (founder of dot-com webcasting company, star of the documentary We Live in Public, and current boarder in Calacanis' pool house) and Brian Alvey (founder of publishing technology company Crowd Fusion).

Calacanis and Harris managed to get their picture in the Daily News, but not to fight off the guards in Anaheim. Harris tells us:

We had a sign that said "Jeter for MVP" but it got ripped out of our hands by pissed off stadium security guards after Calacanis got under their skin. I am still a huge fan even after Jeter got my space at 600 Broadway. used to be headquartered on the top floors of 600 Broadway; Jeter subsequently built a gym on the top three floors. We're not sure if Calacanis will be at Game 5 of the Yankees' American League Championship Series against the Angels on Thursday night, but it's entirely possible he'll learn something about evictions of his own if he attends and keeps up his antics. And that's one public spectacle we'd love to see.

(Pic: Calacanis by Joi Ito)